Predictive Analytics with EXASOL: No (speed) limit to your development

Dastani Consulting and EXASOL have agreed to collaborate in future. Here, Dr. Parsis Dastani explains the benefits of the Nuremberg company’s In-Memory database.

All Dastani Consulting’s projects are directed to raising turnover and profitability through the use of predictive analytics – this is in fact our core competence. However, our customers have differing objectives: They may want to increase their turnover through cross-selling, or simply acquire new customers. They may be looking for higher margins or sales. Or a company may be seeking ways to discourage customers from defecting to the competition (churn management). And yet another may be looking to strengthen its sales performance. By using a wide array of data, models and processes, we can help our clients to achieve these objectives, whereby our most important tools are open minds and mental agility.

Dynamic Pricing – maximising performance with Predictive Analytics

If an online retailer manages to raise his prices by just one percent, then he’s onto a winner. If there are no costs involved, his profit will rise by up to ten percent. Dynamic pricing can maximise performance, but to achieve that, the predictive analytics software must be able to do more than just compare competitive prices.

B2B and Predictive Analytics Might Go Hand in Hand in 2016

Louis Columbus wrote an interesting article on Forbes about many insights on Predictive Analytics and its influence on B2B business performance. The different aspect that he mentioned and that I want to elaborate today are excerpts of a study with Forrester Consulting. They wanted to gain additional insights into the adoption of predictive marketing analytics in B2B companies. The ways predictive analytics helps in terms of organizational performance, focusing on the correlation between predictive marketing and better business results and metrics are examined in the abovementioned study.

Next Best Offer: Conrad Knows What Customers Want

‘Technology + Service = Conrad’ is the motto for this specialist retailer’s E-Shop for Business Customers. Our  next best offer engine ensures that every Conrad customer finds what he wants quickly.

I will be presenting this project together with Dr. Jörg Dubiel, Head of Corporate Intelligence at Conrad Electronic S.E., at the Big Data Summit 2016 in Hanau on 25 February 2016.

From Predictive Analytics to Predictive Marketing

According to its publisher, Ömer Artun and Dominique Levin’s Predictive Marketing represents a “practical guide to predictive analytics”. Recently, Hubspot’s Blog submitted a comprehensive extract from the book.

The question as to which consumers will be the next to make a purchase can best be answered by a probability prediction based on Big Data Analytics. Ömer Artun and Dominique Levin, authors of the book “Predictive Marketing: Easy Ways Every Marketer Can Use Customer Analytics and Big Data“, show that predictive analytics pays off.

Take their example of an online pharmacy for animals: By determining his promotion activities on the basis of customer value, the online supplier succeeded in raising his sales by 40 percent compared to the previous year. The response rate doubled without having to increase his marketing budget.