B2B Lead Generation: Customer Prediction with Target Group Predict

There are countless companies around – but only a handful of them need your products. Using the Target Group Predict scoring model, you can assess the probability of being able to win a particular company as a new customer. The text-mining algorithm developed by Dastani Consulting analyses key words from companies’ websites and from information agency data sets.

Industry sector, turnover, number of employees: Whilst these attributes may characterise a company, they give little indication of the likelihood of turning it into a new customer – reason enough for Dastani Consulting to develop a text-mining algorithm that enables accurate scoring by analysing companies’ websites.

Target Group Predict reads the websites of the best existing customers in a database and looks for connections and patterns. These are then defined in a form of look-alike modelling. The prediction models are fed with several million data sets from information agencies as well as a billion words from twenty million websites.

Automated target group analysis
Associative predictive analytics models process this flood of information and learn which characteristics precisely describe the target group, whereby the relevance of various words on a website is rated by the analytics. Which of the words are high-affinity indicators is individually filtered out from existing customers’ websites for each product.

The degree of conformity of a website with the target model is evaluated by the software using a points system, thus enabling sales departments to address companies that have a high affinity for the products on offer. Target Group Predict is already in use by marketing and sales departments of companies in the automotive, logistics and raw materials sectors – so their success is predictable!