Predictive Analytics with EXASOL: No (speed) limit to your development

Dastani Consulting and EXASOL have agreed to collaborate in future. Here, Dr. Parsis Dastani explains the benefits of the Nuremberg company’s In-Memory database.

All Dastani Consulting’s projects are directed to raising turnover and profitability through the use of predictive analytics – this is in fact our core competence. However, our customers have differing objectives: They may want to increase their turnover through cross-selling, or simply acquire new customers. They may be looking for higher margins or sales. Or a company may be seeking ways to discourage customers from defecting to the competition (churn management). And yet another may be looking to strengthen its sales performance. By using a wide array of data, models and processes, we can help our clients to achieve these objectives, whereby our most important tools are open minds and mental agility.

 ‘Safe house’ for dynamic pricing and behaviour-based targeting

This security has been the basis for picking my team and selecting the development environment for our software. We need maximum flexibility to try out our ideas. We are used to analysing billions of datasets in real time, often undertaking parallel transaction calculations in many variations by different ways and means. There can be no glitches and the database must retain a constant performance level. And speed, or more precisely real-time operation, is of the essence when it comes to dynamic pricing or targeting.

Having tested EXASOL AG’s In-Memory database over the last few months, we are convinced of its capabilities. We are pleased that the database provider has included us in a partner programme, so that we can not only pursue the development of our applications on their high-performance hardware, but also sell them in connection with our projects. This package, consisting of software know-how coupled with excellent hardware, will boost our ability as a predictive analytics provider to support our customers even better in the area of data intelligence – which means they can achieve their business objectives via the shortest possible route.