Predictive Lead Generation: Faster and better results with Target Group Predict

The fuller their order books, the more reluctant companies are to pay attention to new customer acquisition. As stated by sales trainer Ingo Vogel at the end of last year in Computerwoche, this can lead to serious consequences. He advises on new customer acquisition – and we reveal how to find the right customers.

Are you selling more consultancy days than your employees can deliver? Is your production planning completely booked up for the next half year? Are you overwhelmed with orders? Then it’s high time to focus on new customer acquisition! In a guest commentary for Computerwoche, Ingo Vogel points out that B2B businesses are jeopardising their existence if they persist in neglecting new customer acquisition. In many cases they rely on just a handful of customers and if one of them falls away, the gap needs to be filled quickly.

Particularly when working with limited resources, it is advisable to address prospective customers that promise a high purchasing probability. These cannot be identified through company directories, and in-house research is time-consuming and imprecise. But big data analytics can provide an objective and therefore realistic picture.

Targeted customer acquisition with Predictive Lead Generation

Our Predictive Analytics tool Target Group Predict is designed to search through a country’s entire published company data and commentaries, without any form of pre-selection. The result is then matched with patterns and contexts arising from the analysis of existing customers’ data, so that a score based on the degree of conformity can be attributed to each company. This process makes new customer acquisition manageable and allows it to be integrated into the daily business routine. Addressing only those prospective customers that have a high purchasing probability gets quicker results – and doesn’t waste time with acquisition activities that are unlikely to be successful.