Predictive Analytics with EXASOL: No (speed) limit to your development

Dastani Consulting and EXASOL have agreed to collaborate in future. Here, Dr. Parsis Dastani explains the benefits of the Nuremberg company’s In-Memory database.

All Dastani Consulting’s projects are directed to raising turnover and profitability through the use of predictive analytics – this is in fact our core competence. However, our customers have differing objectives: They may want to increase their turnover through cross-selling, or simply acquire new customers. They may be looking for higher margins or sales. Or a company may be seeking ways to discourage customers from defecting to the competition (churn management). And yet another may be looking to strengthen its sales performance. By using a wide array of data, models and processes, we can help our clients to achieve these objectives, whereby our most important tools are open minds and mental agility.