The BARC Conference: Predictive Analytics at its best

Learn what state-of-the-art currently means in the area of Advanced und Predictive Analytics at the BARC Conference on Advanced & Predictive Analytics on 27th and 28th September 2016 in Frankfurt / Main, where Matthias Klug, Head of International Corporate Communications at Dastani’s client STILL GmbH, will be among the podium guests.

Directly after BARC managing director Dr. Carsten Bange’s keynote speech, Matthias Klug, Head of International Corporate Communications at STILL GmbH, will explain how the Dastani Consulting applications Customer Value Prediction and Next Best Offer can significantly increase turnover. This will provide the opportunity at the BARC Conference on Advanced & Predictive Analytics to explore the subject of data-driven prediction as seen from the marketing and sales perspective.

Customer value prediction is of strategic significance for intra-logistics specialists. Based on around 200,000 addresses contained in the transaction data available from STILL’s system, our proprietary methodology determines the turnover potential of every individual customer – a perfect benchmark to determine which customers should be approached with marketing and sales activities applying to which products. Additionally, the Next Best Offer prediction, which identifies the product the customer is most likely to buy next, raises the contribution margin of marketing and sales promotions because the activities become increasingly successful.

Text mining algorithm for new customer acquisition

Intra-logistics specialists also rely on algorithms for new business customer acquisition. Our Target Group Predict software reads existing customers’ websites and identifies similarities and patterns. Employing associative predictive analytics models, this self-learning application recognises over time which characteristics exactly describe the target group, and identifies individual words that indicate an affinity to particular products. Using patterns determined in this way, websites of companies not recorded in the STILL database are then searched, whereby the software grades the level of consistency of such websites with the required model by way of a points system. Sales and marketing are then able to approach companies with a high level of product affinity.
Market research using text mining is the subject of Anja Decker’s presentation. As Head of Business Intelligence at, together with Business Intelligence Analyst Heiko Rechenberger she provides insight into the statistical analysis of massive amounts of unstructured data. Serving around 5.1 million users,, a brand, is the largest online community of motor devotees. It should be interesting to learn what conclusions the automotive industry, motor vehicle insurers and other related sectors draw from analysing the the platform’s entire communication.

Data mining analysis in product marketing will be another exciting marketing and sales topic, presented by Alexander Trott, project management for profit-mining at AUDI AG. The programme will be rounded off with various workshops taking place in parallel sessions.

The BARC Conference on Advanced & Predictive Analytics on 27th and 28th September 2016 in Frankfurt / Main offers two days of concentrated business intelligence knowledge. Best to register straight away!